Anglo-Nubian goats 

Anglo-Nubian goats that have appeared with us have changed almost everything in Mareeba.

Believe me! The goat can do it!

Before, we’d been considering a flock of sheep, but when a little Anabell was born and her breeder showed her picture on FB – I was lost.

Initially I learned that Anabell was absolutely not for sale, but finally in June, tiny Bambi – as Tony renamed her, moved with her mom, Ana, to live with us.
It was a hit! Alpaca therapy is so fashionable nowadays, but nobody remembers goats! Decks of positive emotions that “my girls”, as everyone calls them here, release – are a miracle to me!
I never thought that at the stables or pasture of my goats, fierce neighbors could meet and I would hear  them saying to each other “Henry, Mate, you saw how this little girl wags its tail? So hilarious!”, And Zdzichu will answer “It’s nothing! The old one, without horns but how she chased the dog stealing her carrot!

Meg and the goats are constantly fighting the carrot war: Meggie has the ugly feature that she does not share with goats, and the goats show their dignity as they do not touch anything that the dog had in its mouth … So the carrots are scattered everywhere around us, because the dog will not eat more than two a day, and wants to steal all from the goats.
With Ana it developed into obsession – she  sniffs every delicacy given to her for 10 seconds – if it wasn’t licked by the dog before.

When we brought the goats we conscientiously followed the breeder’s recommendations – “a handful of oat twice a day, the goat must be thin.” Unfortunately, the kindness of our neighbors slightly loosened our principles.

The neighbors came unanimously to the conclusion “if the goat bleats it must be hungry” …

The result is: hayracks of veggies placed in front of  Mareeba gates, all bribes for hungry Ana. The neighbors have also adapted to the culinary tastes of our wise goats. If they don’t like something, a new delicacy appears next time …
We plan to enlarge our flock in spring. They are animals that give so much joy (not to mention milk and cheese) that every effort put into their breeding is worth it.

If I were to characterize my goats:


Is a very wise, dignified goat. She does not start unnecessary conflicts, she likes the procedure – oat always in the same bucket, milking in this place. She is very attached to her human (me 🙂 ), who gives her a sense of security. Sometimes she bleaks just because she has not seen me for a long time – she calms down when I just appear for a second and say “I’m here, no worries”. She keeps her distance –  likes people’s company, but not patting and hugging like Bambi. She allows to touch her, but she doesn’t ask for it. She is my favorite one.


formerly Anabell, is the complete opposite of her mother – she has horns and no beard 🙂 . Of course, it’s not just about the appearance.
Bambi is an amazing pet, loves snuggling, which in combination with her pointed horns results in a lot of bruises, in humans and dogs, but who would not forgive Bambi ?! Bambi is always excused and forgiven. We almost believe “that she didn’t know that one shouldn’t break into the shelves and check how the oats taste in each subsequent bag …”
She mastered the art of opening gates with horns and breaking into supplies. She can already turn the key! We must get a padlock for the barn with supplies …
She is big and strong and at the age of half a year she has already outgrown her mother. She can stand on two legs for a long time eating leaves from trees.
All visitors agree that this is the most beautiful goat they’ve ever seen. In addition, the most cuddly. She is my boys’ favorite, so I have to keep Ana’s side to be fair. 🙂