Litter B – born on the New Year’s Eve of 2018 (31.12.2018)

Parents of the litter were:
our Meggie
and Unbeaten Preeminent Line (Lojzo) living in Slovakia, owner – Marek Medvecky, a herding dog (bulls)

Meggie gave birth to 7 healthy puppies – 4 girls and 3 boys – in all 4 colours. 2 of them were nbt.
The names of the puppies in this litter were all Australian Aboriginal names.

And 7 months old 🙂

Now, a few words about each of them.

Boomer from Mareeba Bushland

He is a special boy for us because he is our kennel’s first born.

 He was a huge puppy but cried a lot and we spent a lot of time consoling him. Now, he lives in Cracow with his wonderful owners – Ewelina and Kuba and is the bravest of all. Boomer is a living evidence puppies change all the time as we never expected him to be so balanced. He is also an example of an Aussie who can live in a block of flats, and similarly to his mom – he doesn’t bark.

Evelina and Kuba are wonderful owners and due to them Boomie has tried almost everything in his life. He did very well at herding but they finally decided to stick to Water Rescue. He loves water above all!

We are extremely proud of the whole family and their work with our first born. We will have a qualified Lifeguard in Mareeba family!

Additionally, we need to thank Evelina for her awesome photos as she somehow became our Mareeba family professional photographer.

U can follow Boomer on his Instagram​

Beauty of Arika from Mareeba Bushland

Arika – very calm and cuddly, red tri girl with the shortest tail in the litter. She lives in Warsaw with her half brother Jack (Lojzo’s son from his first litter) and her devoted owners Aga and Dorian.

Arika and her owners are thinking seriously of herding as her future career but she has also started her show dog career with BOB Puppy On International Dog Show in Czestochowa this July!

We were all extremely proud!

She loves animals and comfy pillows 🙂

Bindi & Bobby (Burnum) from Mareeba Bushland

Called  “The Twins”

Siblings living together with the most caring owners Nikola and Matthew

They are show dogs and also train regularly sport herding.

They eat probably most healthy dog meals in the world that Nikola prepares for them! All made of organic, eco ingredients.

Brave Like Kimba from Mareeba Bushland

Kimba was my little cuddly bear giving kisses and asking for cuddles from all the visitors. She lives in beautiful Vilnius with her new family.

Bardo from Mareeba Bushland

The calmest boy.

Will start training to be therapy dog with his owner Weronika

Bluebell from Mareeba Bushland

She lives with her owner near Łódź and will start her agility trainings soon.