Meggie – pedigree name Barber Aussie

Meg appeared in Mareeba as our first herding dog and she taught us what it means to live with an Aussie. She was born on May 1, 2016, and has lived with us since July.

She is a strong black tri bitch with beautiful head and ears. Has a long tail,  with a  candle – white marking at the tip. She loves all people and animals. Until now, she had been even showing exaggerated joy to every new person she met, only now, around the age of three, she  started showing a typical guarding behaviour of the breed- she is waiting for my reaction.
She has been my shadow for over 3 years, a dog very easy to train,  and very obedient. Even as a tiny puppy, she easily mastered the basic commands – including the long STAY.

She is a football freak. Can play her Jolly Ball for hours. Called also usually runs with the ball.
She has a strong herding instinct and  really likes her flock of goats. Sometimes she forgets that goats are not  the same species and brings the ball to the stable.
She behaves professionally in the ring – without excitement,  greets the judge herself  by shaking a paw or a high five.

She is not afraid of anything. On New Year’s Eve, she watches fireworks with us. Traffic, gunshot or bull horns – they don’t impress Meggie. Sometimes, she approaches herding too boldly.

Meggie is an ultra healthy dog. She haven’t even had a cold in her life. Only for one day she did not play her ball – when she had a meeting with the our Bambi’s sharp horn.
She loves algae dog cookies and  car trips – once when I left the trunk open she hopped in…  straight onto the  basket full of eggs.

Meg prefers to run than walk. If she can jump on something or jump off instead of passing by she will definitely do it. She regenerates immediately and is a very active dog and I don’t know if it’s possible to tire her. Certainly she  would be great in dog sports, however, due to her size, we chose football plus herding for her.

Medical results:
HD: A.
ED: 0/0
DM: + / +
CEA: + / +
HSF4: + / +
PRA: + / +
MDR1: +/-

Eyes tested yearly – CLEAR.

All the above tests are confirmed by medical certificates.